Content Dripping with ARMember membership plugin

What is Content Dripping with ARMember membership plugin

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Content dripping is a commonly used strategy that seeks to set-up your website in such a way that you send out content periodically, and automatically on a schedule. The idea behind it is to have triggers, it can be a new sign up, perhaps a new purchase, and all these content releases depend on any of these triggers. This concept is actually based on the term ‘Drip’ irrigation, where instead of posting all your content at once, you give your customers a wide range of content, on a schedule, with content restriction as a platform. What this does is, it creates a system where your customers pay recurrently for quality content. This is the main con concept behind the ARMember plugin as a feature-rich add-on to your WordPress website.

What content dripping with ARMember does for you and your website, is the added value of allowing new members access to your latest content, and it also gives you the ability to tell a disengaged user from a committed customer. You also get the rare chance, courtesy of ARMember plugin, to cultivate a relationship with your customers, and to ensure they stick to your site, and most importantly, they keep coming back.

Content Dripping ARMember membership plugin

When To Use Content Dripping

Note that this is not a strategy to use all the time. Drip campaigns, although effective, can sometimes do more harm than good. That is why it is essential to know when to use them and when they are inappropriate. So when can you use it?

  • The first and most important step is the ‘welcoming’ phase. Once you’ve gotten a number of people interested in your brand, you need to lock them down, convert them from interested parties to constant customers. This is where your pitch becomes very important. Show them some of your best content, the blog posts people have liked the most, show them how people are using and reacting to your products. All this will make your client feel like you are genuinely happy to have them on board, which will go a long way in selling you to them.
  • There are a half a dozen other scenarios where content dripping may also work. Such as Onboarding, recommendations, and getting people who seemed like they were sold on your product, but just randomly abandoned their shopping carts for some reason. It is all about the pitch.

You need to understand that pitching is one thing, getting someone to consider purchasing your product is another, but, getting them to sign up an actually buying something is a whole new different ball-game. What you get from the ARMember plugin is a support system that ensures your Drip campaign doesn’t just dangle your site out there, it helps to close the deal.

How Do You Set Up A Drip Campaign?


  1. If you have a certain product, then you need to be target specific. There are people who would greatly benefit from what you’re offering, that’s whom you target. Once you know whom you want buying your products, then you can have a more target-specific marketing technique. Don’t just put it out there for anyone, knowing your audience is the best way to know how to trigger a response, and hopefully rake in some new customers.
  2. The second step is how you design your message. After you’ve figured out whom you’re targeting, it’s now time to be concise, to tell them what you need them to know in a clear, attractive package that helps you get the message out there, as well as build your brand while at it.
  3. Here is where your action plan comes in. Once you know what you want your audience to know, then you need to figure out how to ensure all the copies of your campaigns line out. Make sure they flow, make sure the content is rich, and most importantly work out the frequency of release so your audience is always coming back for more.
  4. The most important step of content dripping is to measure your success. You may not be getting the response you wanted, so before you go on a rampage, stop, take a step back, and, measure your success rate. This will allow you to get perspective, as well as figure out what you’re doing wrong.


How To Measure Your Drip Campaign Results


Content Dripping - ARMember membership plugin
Does Content dripping really work? Well, according to research results from ‘Emma’, an email-marketing franchise, targeted content actually produces almost 20% more revenue, and has a higher click rate compared to a global broadcast. Yes, content dripping works, on a large scale. But, it may work better for some more than others, so it is important to have some pointers, or markers to figure out if this strategy actually works for you.

  • URL parameters are the best way to have a clear view of how users are interacting with your content. What they essentially do is, with the help of Google analytics, is to tell you how many users have been through your site, the click rate, which users are coming back for a second or third time, which users have been there before, among other quality information.

You can also test responses by sharing links through your social sites and seeing whether they produced more interactions, and using this as a platform to test the performance of your Content dripping campaign.


 When used appropriately, content dripping is a very effective way of giving your audience timely and quality information. It works to build your brand, and, depending on how useful your pitch is, it makes people want to pay for the services you provide, and it keeps them coming back. ARMember gives you all the tricks and cues you need to set up a fully functional content dripping platform on your site, and it allows you to sift through your content and segment it to a level where you never lack new, quality content to put on your website.


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