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How EE helps to improve your mobile communication

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As much as mobile has revolutionized business communications, it has its fair share of challenges. One of the persistent concerns when it comes to communication is the loss of signal. Most network service providers in UK experience signal loss from time to time. That is where the EE comes in. It provides top of the range mobile signal boosting solutions for seamless communications.

These solutions improve mobile communication through:

High Mobility

EE mobile signal booster ensures you have full phone signals everywhere. Whether you are at home, in the car or the office, you are assured of reliable phone signals.

Uninterrupted Communication

Using EE boosters ensures a reliable connection throughout the communication time. You don’t have to move around or miss important information due to the breakage of signals.

Speed of mobile communication

Improved Speeds of Communication

The signal boosters enhance the speed of your communication. It ensures faster texts, improves internet speeds, and clearer phone calls.

Supports Multiple Calls

The string signals from the boosters allow you to handle several calls without any issue.

Longer Talk Time

Poor receptions hurt your mobile phone’s battery life. The far away from a cell phone tower is, the much energy the phone uses to maintain a steady connection. The phone is likely to keep searching and amplifying the available signals, which also uses the battery.

A signal booster reduces the distance to the cell tower allowing for more battery life and talks time.

Safety Over Longer Communication

From calls and texts to social media and news sites, most communications today happen on the phone. This prolonged use increases exposure to radiation from the cellphone. Weak signals lead to more emissions. EE signal boosters reduce the radiations as it avails the signals readily, leading to better health.

EE Mobile speed network

Essential Terms to Understand when Buying EE Signal Boosters

  • Decibels

Decibels determines signal strength. The higher your decibels, the stronger the signals. EE comes with higher decibels you can rely on.

  • Amplifier

The amplifier is what collects outside signals and improves it. It is what ensures your phone has the required signals. A speaker depends on the area of coverage.

  • Carrier

Before you settle on a signal booster, you have to ensure that it supports your carrier. EE boosters come in both single and multiple carriers to use depending on your needs.

  • Antennas

External antennas receive signals from cell towers while the inside antenna transfers the signals to the phone.


Better signals improve communications in different ways. It ensures longer talk time, faster and safer calls and constant connection.

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