Common Pests in Home

Common pests in Home and its control Methods

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Pest-control-MethodsPests occupy your home in a group, and it takes its own control for your home areas like kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes? Have the pests infested all your areas and your stored food items?

Have you facing all these problems and it’s your turn to take necessary control measures to make your house pest-free!!
List of 5 Common pests and its control measures 

Here we listed the common pests that infest probably in all homes. Every home has at least one pest issue from our list 

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches found mostly on all houses for the food and warm environment. You can find cockroaches in the basement area, kitchen sinks, and bathroom area.

Control Method:

  • Clean your kitchen wisely and don’t leave any food wastes in and around your home
  • Check for any water leakages and seal it if you found any
  • Spray lemon oil on the areas of cockroaches traffic
  1. Rodents

Rodents are the other common pests that arise to your home for the food and water, any waste spills or water leakage attracts the rodents towards your home.

Control Methods:

  • Dispose of your garbage collection regularly, rodents are get attracted to waste foods
  • seal any holes or cracks inside and outside your home
  • Let proper ventilation to your basement area and make it dry because rodents are easily attracted towards moisture surface
  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes rise their entry during the rainy season. Wastewater is the only reason for the mosquito’s entry. Overgrow tree bunches and other plans are also the reason for mosquitoes.

Control Methods:

  • Protect your home from Mosquitos by fitting the net doors and windows
  • Inspect for any wastewater flow in an around your house
    • Use a neem oil spray to avoid the mosquitos
  1. Bugs

Bugs are transferred to your home by the travel. You can see the infestation on beds, sofas and car sheets. Once the bug enters it can be easily spread into a wide number of populations.

Control Methods:

  • clean your bedspreads in a daily routine
  • vacuum your pillows and mattresses, the heat will kill any bugs if the presence
    • If you came from traveling, make sure there are no bugs in your towel or travel bag 

  1. Spider

Spider also the common pests, you can find this mostly on all homes. you can find the spider web on the fan ceiling, long-lasting dust. Dust help spider to build the web easily

Control methods:

  • Clean your ceilings in a regular routine to avoid spider webs
  • Trim your terrace plants and overgrown tree leaves
  • Dusting is another way to keep way the spider from your home

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