how much money to spend for shampoo

How Much Money Should You Spend on Shampoo?

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For many men and women, shampoo is not something that they spend a lot of money on – they find a brand that they think works and is affordable and they use it their whole lives. Deciding how much you should spend on shampoo is not easy – how do you know that paying more will provide any additional benefits than you’d get from a cheaper brand? To answer this question, some scientists recently conducted experiments. They washed hair with cheap, commonplace brands and also with more expensive ones and here is what they found – at the end of the experiment both types of hair were equally clean.

Every shampoo contains an ingredient called a surfactant, which is commonly found in all cleaning products including dish and fabric detergent. It is the one that strips dirt and oils and leaves everything clean.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t spend money on high end shampoos?

No; in fact, those who consistently use high end shampoos tend to have better looking and healthier hair than those who use cheap products and here is why – while every shampoo contains surfactants, it is the additional ingredients that make a difference. Most cheap shampoos will be made up of surfactants and a few other basic ingredients that don’t do much to nourish your hair. Bur when you move to higher end products you will find that they have lots of additional ingredients that help make your hair healthier. It is these additional ingredients that you are paying for.

how much to spend for shampoo

That said, not every high end shampoo will deliver what it promises. In fact, you may end up trying several different types before you find one that actually works for your kind of hair. Truth be told, finding the right shampoo is not easy – it is often a process of trial and error.

You can help narrow your search by understanding your hair and scalp. If it is thin and tends to hang limp you should find a high end shampoo that adds body and shine. If your hair is the opposite – very thick and doesn’t stay in place you should be looking for a shampoo that is formulated to tame unruly hair and control frizzing. Don’t forget to think about your scalp when you are choosing shampoo. The most common scalp problems are itching and dandruff. They are both indications of dry skin, so you may want to look into your hydration and diet habits. There are many high end shampoos that help eliminate itching and dandruff. If your scalp is overly sensitive you should see a dermatologist – they can recommend special medicinal products that can help.

When it comes to how much money you should spend on shampoo, the bottom line is if you can afford something a bit more expensive and has good organic ingredients you should buy it. It can help you solve lots of problems that plague your hair. Remember, a good conditioner goes a long way too.

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