Tyres are part and parcel of our lives and every city in the world has thousands of cars on the roads. This means that every day, hundreds of tyres are being disposed of and it is important to ensure proper disposal of tyres to conserve the environment.

It is not advisable to just throw away your tyres, they need to be properly disposed of.


How to dispose of tyres

There are specialized companies that deal with UK tyres. They do not charge for collection and disposal of tyres, however, they are not that many and can only be found in certain locations. Be sure to check that the company has a valid waste carrier’s license since only registered waste carriers are allowed to legally dispose of tyres.

Some tyre fitting companies and garages can take old tyres at a fee. You can pass by your local garage to find out whether they accept old tyres. https://www.national.co.uk/tyres


Tyres are made of rubber, steel and textile and this makes them difficult to recycle. The EU landfill directive stated that tyres are no longer accepted in landfills site and this means that most tyres need to be recycled or reused. They can make a tyre swings, can be used as garden planters and as boat buggers.

Tire fires happen when they catch fires in the storage areas. New laws will propose bigger gaps between stacks and stacking them lower to prevent fires. These fires put a strain on local fire stations, they emit harmful fumes and are bad for the environment so make sure you dispose your waste responsibly.

When tyres are recycled, they are shredded into flakes called rubber crumb which can be used to create carpet underlay, running tracks, rubberized asphalt for roads and swings for children play areas.


The proper disposal of tyres is necessary to conserve the environment.

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When it comes to recycling there is a lot of information that people might not know.

Here are of those facts;

Clothes can be recycled.

Recycling-in-2017About 85% of clothes can be recycled. They can be sorted in three categories; re-wear, reuse and recycle. Re-wear are clothes than can be re-worn and are in good enough condition. These are clothes sold in good enough condition to be re-worn and are sold in other countries as second hand clothes. Clothes tagged as reuse are clothes that are not suitable for re-wearing and can be converted into other products. They can be broken down and remade into new clothes. When it comes to recycling, clothes that are in very bad shape are turned into fibers which can be used to make new products like to make insulation for buildings.

Recycling newspapers could save over 250 million trees each year. Recycling paper helps conserve trees, but it has a short recycling period since every time it’s recycled, the fibers become shorter and weaker. Paper can be recycled up to seven times before it has to be discarded.

Aluminum is the worlds most recycled packaging product. Over 70% of aluminum cans can be recycled and it can be recycled infinitely. This means that it can be reused in a way that is completely different from what it was initially and can take on a totally new form to create a new product.


Recycling waste by clearance companies like Quick Wasters in UK, has so many benefits, both in the long and short term. It helps conserve natural resources, helps save energy and it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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