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The Scottish web pages of the
Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland

Providing news and information for botanists in Scotland

News Headlines

  • BSBI Photography Competition: thank you if you entered the BSBI 2015 Photographic Competition. A tremendous number of images – 220 in total - were entered. They formed a fantastically colourful display at the Scottish Annual Meeting at Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh in November. The winners were selected by a popular vote by those attending the meeting for images in each of the four categories: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Congratulations are due to the four winners: Ian Francis for his winter entry Teasel, Dipsacus fullonum; Sarah Eno, Great Horsetail, Equisetum telemateia (spring); Cathy McKirdy, “Hanging Around!” (summer) and Ian Strachan’s Spear Thistle seed head (autumn). Look out for the winning image for autumn, which will appear on the cover of the January issue of BSBI News.
  • Thanks are due to Summerfield Books who kindly provided four 25 Book Token prizes, to Natalie Harmsworth for organising the competition and preparing the beautiful display of photographs and to everyone who entered or voted. We plan to repeat the competition in 2016, but with new categories. There will be just two simple and very broad categories: 1) Rare species and 2) Common species. If you would like to find out more see here. BSBI / BSS Scottish Annual Meeting A very successful and enjoyable meeting was held in November at RBGE. 141 members enjoyed some great talks – including a very amusing and provocative main talk by Dr Ken Thompson, on the place of Aliens in the British Flora - and a great variety of exhibits from around Scotland and beyond. A full report will appear in the BSBI Scottish Newsletter in April along with exhibit abstracts.
  • Abstracts from the Scottish Exhibition Meeting
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    Last updated: 20th January 2016