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Professional Grade Makeup Tips for Everyday

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I always used to wonder how professionals do things massively better than any others. Don’t you? Then I realize, not only me, everyone else keeps wondering, how do they do it? This use to bugging me until I started working as a professional makeup blogger.

The fact that made makeup pros do things faster is the limited time frame, and accuracy comes from doing it regularly. These two prime facts drive them to hunt for new ways of doing things hence comes the idea of pro makeup tips. No more bushing around lets hit the point.

  1. Irony we know but don’t do!

Every Pro MUA you find, will use tools that are high quality. It gives them precision work at the first chance that they always promise you. Don’t get into the idea of professional items are expensive. No, apparently not all makeup tools. For example, you can have a rolling makeup case that is well under 150$. But the value it adds! Tremendous! You can have everything organized for years?

professional makeup tips

  1. Hairspray on Didn’t see that coming!

We have used hairsprays for decades for desired hairstyles. Take a mascara wand, sparkle some hairspray on it and now apply it on eyebrows. Curly or straight, who is stopping you?

  1. Reuse mascara brush, and you will love it.

Have you ever noticed that some of the mascara brushes work better than any others that you have used! Especially expensive ones. Well, save it. Next time get a cheap mascara and save few bucks for extra snacks! By the way, every mascara in the world uses the pretty much same formula. So chill nothing to worry about.

  1. Oily skin or dry skin what so ever we love makeup.

If your skin is dry use a foundation that is oil based. Oily skin girls don’t get mad at me for your type of skin go with water base foundations. It is a proven strategy, pros do it all the time to make your look flawless.

  1. The wet highlight is the second name of charming!

Remember last time when you have visited a parlor and highlighter look so dazzling! How do they do it? The trick is, they wet the brush before applying makeup. Viola! Shine every time. These methods work like a charm with foundation powders as well. Just damp the sponge or brush but don’t use water heavily.

  1. Appreciate your skin with good products.

You can hide tiny flaws with makeups, but that’s not viable. If your skin starts to die, what will be worth to invest in makeup? Before you start buying expensive makeup pallets, buy some good skin products. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Trust me everyone embraces natural glowing skin. Makeup is to complement your skin not to hide it.

professional grade makeup tips

  1. Foundation must need to Blended.

When you are applying makeups, you must have to blend it with your jawline and up to the neck. If the composition does not match with your skin tone will appear like a mask! To prevent such phenomena blend your foundations up to neck and hairline. And get that natural look according to your skin tone.

  1. Concealers for your shade not for contrast.

I have seen this in hundreds of videos where the so-called artist uses a contrast concealer under the eye. This might look good on the camera. If you want to look prettier in reality, then use under eye concealer that is just one shade lighter.

  1. Best way to set setting powders.

We have already told you about damp foundation method. After that, you can use setting powders directly if your skin feels wet, else damp a sponge and go. This is a lifesaver tip for people with dry skin.

  1. Keep it clean, or germs will star live on your face.

I dare you haven’t seen anyone blowing brushes! You do. Well, don’t do that, please. If you haven’t clean your brush in a while which you should periodically. The brush itself become bacteria’s colony. When you blow on it, your saliva also spread all over it. And next thing you are gonna do is putting it back on your face? Cringe! When it comes to dropping extra powders just tap gently.

Last But Not the Least.

Well, that was everything for better healthy makeup life. One thing I have said, again and again, that is whenever you use a product try to study the quantity your skin appreciates. Using excessive is not a good idea. And final tip Never ever try to recreate any celebrity looks. Their looks are generated by professionals by analyzing their face construction, skin tone, skin type and so on. It will never fit on you. Now go shine and roar. Love you girls.


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