What is Gourmet Catering?

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Gourmet catering which is mostly seen at formal events is the art of providing different and a variety of cuisines and dishes. The cuisses are usually beautifully presented and catered.

Adopted from a French word ‘Gourmet’catering is the art of preparation is that the foods are usually prepared from scratch using high quality ingredients.

You can mostly find a gourmet catered event at events such as private functions, corporate functions, weddings and cocktail events.


Gourmet Catering

They are able to ensure everybody eats and drinks and also handle the decorations and the setting of the event.

Corporate events

These events mostly happen in the office or boardroom and gourmetcaterers make it easier by dropping the food to the venue and allowing you to focus on the event. Most corporates also prefer to have buffets, breakfast or box lunches

Social events

gourmet catering

These include birthdays, cocktail parties or barbecues. Gourmet caterers are able to provide bartenders; Dj’s and also set up the event

This does not mean that gourmet dishes cannot be made for informal functions because they can.

You can find gourmet caterers at picnics or brunches where the chef may prepare sandwiches but due to the high quality of ingredients they will be different types of sandwiches that other companies rarely offer.

The companies that provide gourmet private chef catering also aid you in getting a location suitable for your event and also assist in connecting you to the appropriate professionals that can help you with planning your event. Gourmet caterers usually have offers as well on how you can host an impressive event at a competitive price due to the fact that the food, location and services can come as a package.

gourmet catering

An advantage of gourmet catering is that they even take care of the cleaning up and washing up after the event so your job is to just show up and have a good time.

During gourmet catering the company works hand in hand with the host or the event planner to select different foods or drinks to be served on that day. They are also allowed to come up with different and new types of foods or cocktails to be served that day.

During gourmet catering the caterers are always in uniform, smartly dressed and clean so as to impress the guests.  Most of the waiters and caterers that serve during the event have gone to school and training for it.

gourmet catering

Gourmet catering also has the ability to provide the service within your budget. You can have a discussion on the number of guests coming and the amount of money you have and they are able to provide a menu around it that you can be happy with.

It is advisable to begin planning for a gourmet dinner as early as possible so as to have enough time to go back and forth with the chef on choosing the best food for you. While choosing it is part of the process to go through a food tasting day to approve the menu.

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