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Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule, real-estate specialist and chief strategy officer at Imperial Corporate Capital PLC recently oversaw and brokered a £10 million joint venture of Little Hithe, a UK limited company that will undertake the property development of the site in Greenhithe, a borough in Kent, United Kingdom.

Adhum Carter

Kent is a thriving business location, with a wider host of affordable business and residential properties compared to other parts of the South East. The county will see a housing growth of around 7,000 homes per year until 2031, powered by a massive infrastructure investment made in the recent years. With substantial planned investment and developments – such as Ebbsfleet Garden City, Paramount London, Kent and Medway on the horizon, Kent offers the most lucrative growth prospects in the South East.

The Little Hithe project, under the dynamic and forward-thinking leadership of Imperial Corporate Capital and Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule, will focus on a strategically located and under-utilized property in Greenhithe or its locality for acquisition or re-development and sale. Together, they plan on harnessing and leveraging the property’s immense hidden potential and creating avenues for economic growth.

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“We’ve been eyeing Greenhithe for a long time. The region represents limitless potential and the Little Hithe project was created with that frame of mind. The projected total returns to the investor at Project completion is in the range of 75% – 153.05% which is a tremendous investment opportunity. The notion of investment in property development is not new, but being able to do so in a structured environment without an institutional level of investment is still a rarity. Little Hithe is a humble effort on our part to bring exciting investment opportunities to the overlooked areas in the UK,” Adhum Carter said.