Trekking Essentials: Things to Know & Important Items to Carry

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Planning a trekking trip and getting ready in the best way possible can sometimes become a huge challenge. Knowing the terrain before setting off, along with the nature of trek, weather conditions, length, wildlife, and other factors can greatly affect any trekking trip. You can always forget to keep a basic thing in your rucksack that may result in a bitter experience later on. For this reason, we are going to offer a detailed guide for every person who wants to trek in the upcoming season. Naturally, you will start your trekking tour without consulting a relevant person. However, it is ill-advised to do so. You need to consult a travel agent in London, if you are a UK citizen, or anywhere else. You can also end up getting cheap flight offers along with hotel accommodations. So read this article before your next trekking trip and make the most of everything that is offered to you.

Trekking: The sacred calling of nature

Whether you belong to any profession, when mountains or trekking trails in them call, it is time to pack up your bags and leave straight away. Going into the mountains with only a bag full of trekking essentials is an amazing way to answer your daily struggles and work stress. For some of us, it is ‘The’ only answer. Being in the outdoors allow you to rediscover your life’s purpose. Fresh air and some towering mountain scenes can get you in a state of bliss along with recharging your soul to become better in every sense. It is a scientific fact that trekking can help you recover your lost morale, restore the positive energy, and enhance your mood. It is the best exercise you can do for your soul.


Which place is best for trekking? Experts at our travel agency in London know all FAQs and their answers

Although you can do trekking anywhere, it is best to do it in mountains, as there is so much to explore. There are trails that provide adventurous hikes and a chance to sleep under billions of stars. Every trekker takes something back with them after the completion of their hikes. But you can also choose other terrains such as going through a forest, crossing a high altitude plain, discovering different paths on maps and trying to reach them and exploring inhabited places. There is always a lot to be explored and learnt. So you don’t know what the limit is.

essential tips for trekking

But it is imperative not to wander off into the highlands, or anywhere else without prior preparation, especially if it is your first time. For you, we have put together a list of trekking essentials. These items are easy to find on the internet as well as different marketplaces. But it is important to carry them in your backpack for a good hike.

Before we begin to discuss the important items to carry in your rucksack, ask these questions to yourself and plan your ration accordingly:

Q1: What will be the length of your trip?

Q2: What is the expected weather of your trekking destination?

Q3: Are you going alone? What is the number of fellow travelers?

Q4: What will be the terrain and altitude of the trekking place?

Q5: How can you prepare your body for the challenges your trekking trip will present?

It is important to answer all these questions as they can help you determine the quantity and quality of items you are going to need in your travel. However, when we talk universally about these questions we can always find our answers in them and our lifestyle. So following are some logical answers to the above questions.

Answer 1: The length of the trip should always be decided before preparing your stuff. If it is a one week trip, then you should not carry that much items. If it is a 2 weeks trip, pack up accordingly. Just remember, you don’t need to carry any extra item for the trip.

Answer 2: Before you go to a market to buy stuff, you need to find out what type of weather will the trekking place have at that time of year you are going to visit it. Get all the meteorological and atmosphere data and pack all the right stuff. You should always pack a raincoat and a warm jacket no matter where you are headed.

tips for travel

Answer 3: Determine the number of travelers that are going with you. If you are going alone then plan accordingly. If there are some, try to distribute responsibilities and share duties amongst one another.

Answer 4: It is no secret that higher altitude trekking trails are more physically demanding and mentally exhausting. So in order to ace them like a champion, make yourself aware of their altitude and plan accordingly. But moreover your physical health matters a lot, so make sure you are in a good shape.

Answer 5: Always try to enhance your stamina by preparing for your trekking trips. You need to start losing your fat and start gaining muscles in advance of your trip. You also need to start jogging and do leg exercises as well in order to make you stronger so that you can easily carry your bag. You need to stop your smoking habit if you have any so that it becomes easier for you.

Important items to carry on a trekking trip

Now that we have discussed important things to know before heading out for a trekking trip, we must learn what travel gadgets you should carry. Below is a list of trekking essentials that we recommend every trekker to carry in their backpack. So read on and find out about it.

  1. Traveler’s Compass:

The first thing to buy before you head on your trek is a compass. Don’t ignore this item and don’t substitute it with your mobile phone compass as it won’t work there. A compass can be a lifesaver when you have lost your way in the mountains. It is the most important jewel of a hiker.

  1. Trekking Shoes:

You must always carry good quality trekking shoes on your every trekking tour. It is the single most important item that we are discussing after the compass, as the health of your feet and your morale depends a lot on good shoes. You should also carry running shoes and flip-flops. But it is important not to confuse your joggers or sneakers with mountain boots or trekking shoes. Trekking shoes are breathable and waterproof. It keeps away all the moist building up in your socks to keep infection away. You are also more protected in them than any other footwear.

  1. Knowledge:

Knowledge is something you cannot find in any shop. It is acquired through research. So we advise you to do some research about the place you are planning to trek. You can even note points in a diary.

trekking essentials

  1. Flashlight:

A flashlight is one of the most important items to keep in your backpack when trekking. Even if you just plan a day hike, it is important to carry it all the time. Always try to carry spare batteries with you.

  1. Maps:

Always keep some hard copies of maps when you hit the hiking trails. We would also recommend you to learn some navigation skills, which can help you read map easily.

  1. Food and water:

It is important to keep ample food and water in your backpack all the time. Even if it is not a long one, we recommend you to keep it as problems come unannounced. Extra water should be kept all the time.

  1. Waterproof warm clothing:

Even if you are trekking in a dry environment, you should never ignore warm waterproof clothes. Weather changes instantly on a mountain trail. Hypothermia causes more death each year than anything else.

  1. A down jacket:

Always keep a warm jacket in your backpack, preferably down jacket. You never know when the weather changes on a mountain pass, plateau, high altitude trekking trail, forest, or anywhere else you are trekking. Even in a desert, the temperature changes at night, and becomes chilly. So carry a warm jacket with you all the time.

  1. Basic first aid kit:

A first aid kit can help you stop bleeding, treat cuts and other injuries when an accident happens. And trust me they do happen. So always prepare for the worst and keep a basic first aid kit in your bag.

  1. A rucksack:

Depending on your travel, you must keep your items in a rucksack. They come in different sizes, so get the one most suitable for your trip.

trekking tips

  1. Swiss Army knife:

When hiking, you need the most unorthodox items. Swiss army knife is one such equipment that should be always kept in your backpack. It consists of different types of knives, spoon, fork, bottle opener, and other items in one set.

Other items to carry:

Ice axe, rope, crampons, and shovel for icy conditions

  • GPS watch
  • Communication device
  • Signaling device
  • Sleeping bag (depending on the trekking trip)
  • Shelter such as a camp
  • Repair kit
  • Gloves (check quality with respect to terrain)
  • Clothes (subject to the duration of your trip)
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