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DIY Kitchen cleaning Tips

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Here we provide some tips for DIY (” Do It Yourself”) kitchen cleaning.

  1. Starts with stove Burner 

 Instead, of using scrub utilize ammonia to treat the dirt and oil grease deposit in the grates of the burner. Some people replace the burner grates with a new one by assuming cleaning the burner is a difficult mission. If you have ammonia with you no need to spend money on the exchange. Soak the grates overnight, in the ammonia solution. Morning you will see the change like a new one. you can save money time and energy efficiency by using ammonia for cleaning burner.

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  1. Kitchen sink 

 Cleaning your kitchen sink can be a very difficult task, due to the disposal of garbage and food waste collection in the sink filter.  Many products are available in the market for sink sanitary but it’s better to go for nonchemical natural cleaning products available from our home. Take some lemon and mix with baking soda and vinegar. Rub the mixture gently on the sink and leave it for half a day. Then clean with a slight scrub. It gives a great look.

  1. Kitchen Appliance

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean is the essential factor to an extraordinary glimpse of your kitchen.  Now pay your attention to the appliances like refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and blender

For Refrigerator 

To keep your fridge away from the unpleasant, fragrance you use lemon peels. Spilt some Citrus peels it gives you a fresh smell entire day.

For Microwave

To clean the microwave coat the mixture of baking powder, dishwasher, and lemon juice then let it sit for 20 minutes. It gives better results.

For Toaster 

First, remove all bread splits and debris and clean them with a sponge dipped in soap oil.

For Blender 

  Take your brush and clean the side part of your blender to remove the fruits stocks. Then now pour some soapy water and spin for a second and rise well.

  1. Kitchen cooking wares

To clean your cooking wares we found easy tips to remove all the debris and greased dirt. Spread the dryer sheet on the cooking pans and cooking wares and spray hot water on it. While spraying the hot water it forms some bubbles on sheet and it helps to grease out the dirt.

Contact Quick Cleaning Services - for professional cleaning service in London. Quick cleaning services also provide a checklist for end of tenancy cleaning- wall/floor 

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The final one is to clean your messy kitchen Walls and floors. But it is an easy task if you follow this tip.

For wall

  • Keeping all your kitchen appliance covered by a dryer sheet
  • Take a sprayer with the mixture of lemon oil baking soda and soap oil
  • Shake well before spraying into the wall and start spraying in the spotted area
  • Leave it on the wall for 10 minutes
  • Now use clean spongy and gently Wipeout and let the wall dry.

For the ease of cleaning get some themed laminated sheets and paste on the wall.

For floor

The last task in kitchen DIY cleaning is cleaning your floor. Use some organic chemical-free liquid for floor wash. check for dirt and hair and mop the floor. Let the floor dry and spray some fragrance for a fresh smell.

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