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Express Waste Removals Commercial waste collection Services

Commercial waste comprises of all waste generated in premises that are used for trade and business like in hotels, schools, entertainment joints, public parks, and such like. This type of waste is different from residential waste not just in terms of quantity, but also composition. Commercial waste may include anything from office waste like papers, ink cartridges, to cans and plastic bottles found in public parks, or even left over foods from a restaurant. Whatever the case, Express Waste Removals is pleased to announce to you that we provide reliable…

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How to Dispose of Tyres

Tyres are part and parcel of our lives and every city in the world has thousands of cars on the roads. This means that every day, hundreds of tyres are being disposed of and it is important to ensure proper disposal of tyres to conserve the environment. It is not advisable to just throw away your tyres, they need to be properly disposed of. How to dispose of tyres There are specialized companies that deal with UK tyres. They do not charge for collection and disposal of tyres, however, they…

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