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Sandboarding and Camel Trekking in Dubai

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If you are like me and love adventure, a couple of must-do activities whenever you visit Dubai are sandboarding and camel trekking. I highly recommend that you make it your travel goal for 2019 and I am sure the memories of your experience will remain with you for a very long time to come. Now, if your search for the best Dubai sandboarding experience options in Dubai brought you here, then this post will give you the information you are looking for.

Often, sandboarding and camel trekking form part of a desert safari tour. A Dubai desert safari also includes other activities such as BBQ lunch or dinner, Bedouin campsite activities, and other entertainments such as tanoura dance or belly dance, falconry, etc. I opted for a Dubai desert safari tour and, therefore, I got to experience 45 minutes of sandboarding and 60 minutes of camel trekking. Further, I chose Desert Safari Tours as my safari tour provider and I highly recommend this operator because they are customer focused and always provide the best service.

Sandboarding In Dubai

When it comes to sandboarding in Dubai, you need to decide as to what kind of experience you are actually looking for and then decide whether you should opt for a Sunrise Desert Safari, Morning Desert Safari with BBQ Lunch, Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Day Long Desert Safari, Overnight Desert Safari, or Private Desert Safari. If this is your first visit to Dubai, obviously you will be looking for a comprehensive experience so that you can enjoy both the thrilling activities and other entertainments.

I was picked up from my hotel in Dubai in a 4 × 4 Land Cruise SUV and driven straight to the desert to give me a feel of the red sand dunes of Dubai desert. The 6-member team I was part of was then taken to the sandboarding or sand surfing spot. The SUV driver of Desert Safari Tours doubled up as our guide provided clear cut instructions on how we should slide, steer, as well as surf down the sand dunes. I could make out that he had a lot of experience and was an expert surfer himself. His instructions were so precise and clear that even beginners could perform sandboarding to their complete satisfaction.

Now, if you are wondering as to what you can wear when you go sandboarding in Dubai, here are my recommendations:

Ladies – Shorts, leggings, loose-fitting trousers, and suitable tops so as to comfortably do the activity.

Men – Shorts or loose-fitting trousers and T-shirts.

Both men and women should carry an additional set of dress, wet wipes as sand gets in everywhere, sunscreen lotion/cream, and wear comfortable shoes.

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Sandboarding/Sand Surfing is an extremely popular activity and has many followers all over the world. It is extremely popular especially in Dubai – Abu Dhabi region in the UAE because it is endowed with an unlimited number of very big sand dunes. Many visitors prefer to do sandboarding either early in the morning or in the evening before sunset. This is because it is extremely hot during day time. Also, you must hydrate yourself well.

According to me the main reasons as to why you should not miss out on sandboarding in Dubai are:

  • It is not only easy but also super safe – When compared with other desert sports sandboarding is a safe and easy activity. All that you have to do is, get aboard, walk to the top of the sand dune, strap the board onto your feet, and then let go!
  • It is a good solo sport – Most of the desert adventure activities in Dubai are group activities, while sandboarding is a solo sport and it enables you to have a great sense of achievement.
  • It is cheap – Sandboarding is often offered as part of a Dubai Desert Safari. So, you get to enjoy a lot of other things as well. Moreover, Desert Safari Tours makes available offers and deals which enables you to save a little bit more.

Camel Trekking In Dubai

My perception of Dubai as an urban area changed totally when I went on a 60 minutes camel trek as part of the desert safari tour package I had booked with Desert Safari Tours. I give full credit to this tour operator for making it a memorable experience. As we drove into the desert, the change in landscape was shockingly different but absolutely breathtaking!

Camels have the ability to travel long distances without having food and water and that is exactly why these wonderful creatures are an integral part of the Middle East tradition and culture and an indispensable form of transportation in the deserts of Arabia. The best way to experience the Arabic culture is by going a camel expedition. A ride on the ‘Ship of the Desert’ takes you back to those times to the days of the Bedouin people. You can relax and the desert scenery, both flora and fauna, as the camel walks slowly across the vast expanses sand.

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According to me, a visit to Dubai is never complete without a camel trek experience. This is because it offers you an exhilarating experience. Moreover, it is not restricted to adults alone. Even kids can be part of the camel trek and it fascinates them so much especially because they will be perched so high above the ground!

If you are of the belief that deserts are barren and there would be nothing for you to see, that is not correct. First of all, the scenery is different and you could come across rare wildlife such as Arabian oryxes and gazelles.

A camel trek also helps you to experience as to how the Bedouin people travelled across the desert in the olden days. As part of the desert safari, you will also be able to experience their traditional activities such as henna painting, Shisha smoking, traditional falconry, tanoura dance, and belly dancing. In addition, you would be served traditional lunch or dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options depending on whether you choose a morning desert safari Dubai or an evening desert safari Dubai.

You will be given all required instructions for the trek by the expert guides deputed by Desert Safari Tours. They will teach you all the do’s and don’ts of camel riding so as to make it smooth and hassle-free. Camels are very calm animals and there is nothing to fear at all. You can just sit back and enjoy the views and the ride.

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