10 Beautiful Nativity sets ideas

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Christmas fever is coming around again, the most wonderful time of the year when families converge and celebrate together the birth of Christ. It is never too early to begin preparing and decorating for Christmas. At Holyart, you have tons of cool ideas and products to help you come up with some of the best themes and décor to match your needs.

Nativity sets here come a dime a dozen, here is a list of set ideas you can use for your Christmas decorations, hopefully, you will find one that suits your needs.

 Nativity set ideas

  • You can go for a durable, stylish representation of the Three Kings. This features an attractively designed set, with little lights for extra beauty. It also shows the Kings bowing and presenting gifts to the newborn King of the Jews with his mother Mary, and Father Joseph standing over him. It’s a great design, you can place it over your tile countertops or even your hardwood finish. The scene looks absolutely magical.

christmas nativity set

  • Next, you can go for a felted wool sculpture as a representation of Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms. The color blend sees Mary dressed in denim blue, while baby Jesus is wrapped in white. This is handcrafted, which means the attention to detail as well as the precision around the edges all blend together to give it a pristine finish. This nativity scene also gets points on the board for its elevated level of realism, which will make it a great addition to your home’s Christmas décor.
  • You can as well use a nativity set that depicts the journey of the wise men to the manager. This can be done by using a star, silver lined as an indicator pointing the wise men to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The star is perhaps the most significant indicator here, as it hangs on top of the entire nativity set showing how the wise men found their way to the new king of the Jews. The rest of the set includes Joseph standing over Mary as she cuddles baby Jesus, a few animals on set added for dramatic effect, and to show the humility of the whole story.
  • You can as well, go for a nativity set that accessorizes parts of your house, like shelves, cupboards and maybe drawers. You can go for porcelain figurines crafted to depict the Holy family. You can also include some depicting the livestock in the manger, and perhaps the three kings giving gifts to baby Jesus. The good thing about these figurines is the fact that you can use them over and over because they are durable, and they can also be placed anywhere, on shelves, end tables or even mantles.
  • You may also want to perhaps consider a 12 piece porcelain set that would look great under your Christmas tree. This set includes the holy family, the three kings, a bit of livestock, and you can throw in an angel and a star to add a little life into the whole scene. It comes in denim blue, handcrafted and definitely a masterpiece.

nativity set ideas

  • If you are a wood crafting enthusiast, then perhaps an Olivewood, 10 piece nativity set would work more to your liking. This set is perhaps more realistic as the mangers in those days were predominantly made of wood. It is carefully handcrafted and precise, it’s beautiful and will be a valuable addition to your home’s Christmas décor.
  • If you are looking to go all out with an elegant display, then you should consider a Christmas tree theme that is miniature life-sized, has the three kings strategically placed around the decorated Christmas tree, the Holy family at the center of the scene, and baby Jesus as the main feature. The colors and theme you can choose to match the rest of your decoration. This elegant scene will definitely stand out.
  • Some nativity sets are a bit pricey, so perhaps you can try and etch one out on your own, you know, in case you’re feeling adventurous. If you have sets of frosted glass, you can use etching cream. After you trace out the outlines of the holy family and the three kings, the livestock etc., you can etch the sketch directly onto the glass, then place some candles into the frosted glass to illuminate the set. The glasses can be in different sizes, and you can throw in some extra livestock, perhaps a bit of pasture just to spice things up a little. It’s an easy construct if you have the time.
  • Another great set includes many of the characters you read from the story of baby Jesus. It’s a 10 piece set that features a complete stable set with a bit of livestock, the Holy family in its entirety, the three kings, the angel Glory looking over the set, some pasture, and Judith with a water jug. It’s a set that tells a complete story on its own and is a great piece of reference when you and your family are sitting around the Christmas tree and you are telling your kids about the meaning and importance of Christmas beyond the gift giving.
  • Last on the list, but definitely not least, is a handcrafted 6 piece figurine set that features only the Holy family and the three kings. The bright star that led the wise men to Jesus is seen at the top of the set, the three kings are seen holding their gifts ready to present them to the Holy family, and Mary is holding baby Jesus tight to her bosom. It’s nice and simple, and it can be placed anywhere in the house.

Nativity sets are great to have because they tell a story. The give the actual depiction of what happened on the dawn of Christmas day, and they show the humility of the Holy family. They speak volumes, and they look even better!

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