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Sandboarding and Camel Trekking in Dubai

If you are like me and love adventure, a couple of must-do activities whenever you visit Dubai are sandboarding and camel trekking. I highly recommend that you make it your travel goal for 2019 and I am sure the memories of your experience will remain with you for a very long time to come. Now, if your search for the best Dubai sandboarding experience options in Dubai brought you here, then this post will give you the information you are looking for. Often, sandboarding and camel trekking form part of…

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Trekking Essentials: Things to Know & Important Items to Carry

Planning a trekking trip and getting ready in the best way possible can sometimes become a huge challenge. Knowing the terrain before setting off, along with the nature of trek, weather conditions, length, wildlife, and other factors can greatly affect any trekking trip. You can always forget to keep a basic thing in your rucksack that may result in a bitter experience later on. For this reason, we are going to offer a detailed guide for every person who wants to trek in the upcoming season. Naturally, you will start…

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