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Four Green Ways to Dispose of Your Electronic Devices

Britons accumulate 40 million unused electronic devices every year. Our consumerist society pushes us to buy the latest models of gadgets we already have. Many people are completely unaware of the harmful consequences of improperly disposing of their electronic waste. E-waste, as it’s more commonly known, contains dangerous chemicals, such as lead and mercury that can find their way into the soil, rivers and streams. Avoid making E-waste a worse issue by following these simple tips. Recycle your device with a certified E-waste recycler Send your unwanted electronic devices to…

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Aerogarden Bounty for Dummies

The Importance of Aerogarden Bounty Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without using standard soils. AeroGarden provides you a 1-year warranty but following that, you would need to purchase replacements. The AeroGarden is unquestionably the simplest and easiest means to begin with hydroponics. Among the most vital things your can do whenever your AeroGarden is simply starting is to trim your plants. Just trim them back far enough so that they won’t interfere with the sections of your AeroGarden reviews. The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden by AeroGrow enables you to grow…

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How to Dispose of Tyres

Tyres are part and parcel of our lives and every city in the world has thousands of cars on the roads. This means that every day, hundreds of tyres are being disposed of and it is important to ensure proper disposal of tyres to conserve the environment. It is not advisable to just throw away your tyres, they need to be properly disposed of. How to dispose of tyres There are specialized companies that deal with UK tyres. They do not charge for collection and disposal of tyres, however, they…

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Recycling Facts That You Don’t Know

When it comes to recycling there is a lot of information that people might not know. Here are of those facts; Clothes can be recycled. About 85% of clothes can be recycled. They can be sorted in three categories; re-wear, reuse and recycle. Re-wear are clothes than can be re-worn and are in good enough condition. These are clothes sold in good enough condition to be re-worn and are sold in other countries as second hand clothes. Clothes tagged as reuse are clothes that are not suitable for re-wearing and…

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