Starting a Business Blog For Your Business - UK

Blogs may look like simple things on the web, but the blogs are more important for a business people to drive traffic to their website. Business people should be updating the blogs regularly on their websites on the latest trends and the updates in their domain or industry. This will make more potential customers to visit tour site who are searching for the trending terms on the web. Having a business blog in London for your business in the UK will help you get more reach and traffic to the business site.

Starting a Business Blog For Your Business in The UK

For instance, say you are a product based industry. Then people who are looking to buy the products from you will surely have many queries about the products. Hence, on the business site, you may start a blog explaining the queries asked by your existing customers. This will help the new buyers to get good knowledge about your business and buy the products from you.

Starting a Business Blog For Your Business in UK

Even if you have the service based industry, updating the blogs regularly on the website on the latest trending topics will help you gain more reach among the users online. Social sharing is equally important as that will make the users aware that your site has some quality content to look upon.

Importance of Starting a Business Blog For Your Business in The UK

In the business point of view, blogging on the website will help to rank the site at the top of the SERP. That is, it will help to boost the rankings on the internet organically. Hence in the UK, to stand top among your competitors business blog is the must. No worries, if you don’t have still now, its the right time to get started with the blogging and take the business to the next level in the UK. Also, regular blogging will help you to be updated about the latest trends in your domain or industry.






Commercial waste comprises of all waste generated in premises that are used for trade and business like in hotels, schools, entertainment joints, public parks, and such like. This type of waste is different from residential waste not just in terms of quantity, but also composition. Commercial waste may include anything from office waste like papers, ink cartridges, to cans and plastic bottles found in public parks, or even left over foods from a restaurant. Whatever the case, Express Waste Removals is pleased to announce to you that we provide reliable commercial waste removal services in London, we are the real pros. It doesn’t matter the nature of your business or the amount of waste that’s to be cleared. We have the skills, the means, and the passion to get the task done satisfactorily, without costing you an arm and a leg.

How do we do this?
When you give us a call or send us an email with the task at hand, our customer care teams will ask you a few questions to help us determine the way forward. What’s the nature of your business? How much waste is there to be collected, are you located on the ground floor or on the top floor? Is there any hazardous waste that requires specialized disposal? These questions are important as they help us when dispatching our professional clearance teams. If necessary, we even send a few of our representatives to come over for a free inspection of your premises before sending over the main waste clearance teams. We don’t charge you for this, it’s more of a fact finding mission. We may give you an estimate quotation of the task at hand, although this can always be negotiated afterwards.

Dispatching our clearance teams;

Once we have an idea of the commercial waste that needs to be cleared, we promptly dispatch our rubbish clearance services teams. It all depends on your convenience; we offer same day collection services or agree on a day to get the job done. Ours is a fully insured company and our teams are well equipped with the right tools. These include safety clothing; gloves in case they’re handling harmful waste, as well as specialized trucks that can cart away huge amounts of waste at one go. Over the years, we have learnt that most clients prefer a professional team of waste removers that causes as little interruptions to their operations as possible. Which is why our team will always clear, load, and cart away all your commercial waste without too much noise or hooliganism. We respect the sanctity of your commercial premises and it is our desire to preserve the tranquility and dignity as much as possible.

Recycling of commercial waste;

Much of the waste that we collect from commercial premises often ends up in recycling plants. Office waste like damaged computers, printers, or even old carpets, damaged ovens from restaurants; these are items that are highly recyclable and Express Waste Removals – has unrivaled recycling rates. On the same note, plastic bottles, cans that litter public parks after an event are also highly recyclable; entrust us with that job of clearing your garden or park after that BBQ or party you held and you won’t regret. Over the many years that we have been offering commercial; waste clearance services, we have formed crucial contacts with the top recycling plants around the city and will easily take whatever can be recycled for recycling. We also help you donate what you feel can be repaired and reused by others. For more info on how to enjoy handsome discounts each time you hire us for commercial waste removal services, just contact us now at 020 8099 9819. We’ll be glad to speak to you.

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So you bought some bitcoin, lets say 0.5 btc. Now how to do you turn that 0.5 btc into 1 btc?

Answer: TRADING!

Using online exchanges such as Bittrex, you can invest your bitcoin into other coins such as Ripple. Once the price of Ripple (or any coin you invest into) increases in value you can sell the coin and obtain more bitcoin.


Lets say you invest 0.5 btc into Ripple at 20 cents.

You wait till the value of ripple raises to 24 cents

That’s a 20% increase.

You then sell Ripple back into bitcoin

You know have 20% more bitcoin

0.5 + 20% is now 0.6

May not seem like a lot, but remember 1 btc is valued currently at £12,000.

that means you just made £1,200.

So this is how you can trade you bitcoin into other coins to obtain more bitcoin! We recommend using the online exchange Bittrex as they have very small trading fees of only 0.25%. whereas some exchanges such as Coinbase have high 2% fees. Might not seem like a lot 2% but if you are trading thousands of dollars, that’s hundreds of dollars you are losing in fees.

Now this sounds simple, however you need to be really careful and have a good understand of the market and the coins you invest in. Otherwise you could end up investing in coins they have no storage stability and the value could drop dramatically. Losing you a lot of money.

When storing your bitcoin, you need to keep them secure in a bitcoin hardware wallet. To make sure hackers are unable to steal your coins.